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Cross the Border into the U.S. Faster with a SENTRI Pass!

The SENTRI program began as a pilot program in Otay Mesa in 1995 and in San Ysidro in 2000. Due to its success, the programs are now permanent. Enrollees renew every five years. Below you will find information about the program, how to enroll, how to change or add a vehicle, and how to renew your enrollment.

What is the SENTRI program?

The SENTRI (Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection) program, launched by US Customs and Border Protection, are dedicated commuter lanes where prescreened applicants and vehicles are allowed to cross the border Northbound into the US usually more quickly and efficiently. The enrollees have been rigorously background checked and have been determined to be a low risk to the security of the US border. As one approaches the inspection area, photos and information are given to the inspector about the driver, passengers and vehicle from the sticker "transponder" on the vehicle and the information on the SENTRI Portpass card. Secondary inspection is randomly determined by computer or if the inspector senses something suspicious.

Don’t be Rejected When you Apply For Your SENTRI Pass
The process to obtain a SENTRI Pass requires you to first complete an on line application in order to determine your eligibility. If you have anything on your criminal record when the US Customs runs your criminal history background check, your application will be categorically rejected.

An old drunk driving case?  Petty theft when you were a juvenile? Something from your past that you want to forget about but never goes away? US Customs will find it and you will be categorically rejected!

Interview Appointments are scheduled about 3 months out. This rejection could cause months of delays and place you back in those long lines at the border. Why wait, why take that chance. Make sure that you are prepared for the application and your interview appointment by obtaining a Sentri Pass Pre Screening from Criminal History Cleaners. For $199 dollars, we conduct a Local and National background check to find anything on your record that might prevent you from obtaining your SENTRI Pass.


Eligibility Checklist

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