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How can I begin to thank you? About 3 months ago, I lost my job due to a felony conviction on my record from my youth. Immediately, I went home and begin researching felony reduction and expungement companies. Through that research, I stumbled across Ron & his team. Their cost was much lower than anyone I had spoken with, so naturally I was a bit skeptical. However, I found so many positive reviews on them, I decided to move forward after a day of thinking it over.

They were patient and informative from the beginning, answering every last question I could come up with, keeping me out of the dark the whole way through. Even when Ron wasn't in, I'd STILL get the answers I was looking for from his staff. Well, as of 1 week ago, I have officially had my criminal history wiped - or cleaned, if you will. And it was even EASIER than Ron told me it would be! I couldn't be happier. And I couldn't have done it without Ron and his staff.

If you're contemplating who to use, or whether or not to even attempt a reduction or expungement, the LEAST I could tell you is to contact Criminal History Cleaners. My best advice though?  Don't waste any more time.  Take the first step toward a clean record NOW.. --RR, San Diego County


Before I had discovered your company I was devastated in the high cost to hire a lawyer to help me expunge my misdemeanor.  I knew 100% I could not afford a lawyer so I had to just hope that luck will on my side. Then one day I found a job but little did I know a few days later I was going to be let go.  I was told that they could not keep me employed due to my background check.  I was mortified to find out I was jobless and that I could never move forward with my career all because I couldn't afford a lawyer. And even if I could I afford a lawyer I would be thousands of dollars in debt. 

Then finally one day I was searching online and stumbled across your companies website. I was stunned at how AFFORDABLE your services were so I called you immediately.   After talking to you I felt confident and excited in using your companies services.   Several weeks later I received a letter stating my case was going to be dismissed!!  I was over joyed and so amazed at how easy this was for me.  I have you to thank for giving me an opportunity to have the best future. -- Thank you!v AC, Oceanside, CA



 "the larger picture" with respect to gainful employment opportunities is perhaps what most of us who have made mistakes in our past failed to consider. The fact of the matter at least for myself is that if we had that "crystal ball" that could have shown us what the consequences would be for the unsustainable choices we made then I feel that many of us including myself would have decided on a different course of action.

Still I must say after just having gotten out of the court  room today where the Judge spoke very positive toward me in addition to granting me my certificate of rehabilitation that I am very proud to be living in a country where there is a system in place that allows people such as myself (who have gone to prison and as a result have some blemishes on their record) to seek redress for those mistakes.

I would like to thank Ron and all of his staff. The process of getting the certificate of rehabilitation took close to a year. This I believe was due mostly to the nature of my offense. Despite how long it took I was supported by Ron and his staff all the way through. There where times when I became doubtful but Ron would pick up the ball and reassure me by telling me everything will eventually be okay. This was the result that I obtained today. The main ingredients that were needed in this whole process were "patience" and perserverance".

Thank you, so much Ron and all your staff. The next step for myself is getting on with my life. -- D Lewis


I want  to thank you for the exceptional service that I received from your firm. I needed help in expunging my record which included two DUI’s and a driving with a suspended license case. I shopped around and found several attorneys that would do the expungement but their fees ranged from 1500 to several thousand’s - which is hard to come by in this economy.

I came across your firm and decided to try you out since your fees were significantly lower than any other firm. I was skeptical at first but I have to say that the level of professionalism that I received from your firm completely exceeded my expectations. Furthermore, the turnaround was remarkable.  From our initial discussion to receiving the court findings of NOT GUILTY on all three cases took less than 8 weeks. Amazing!!! Thank you again, and I will definitely refer you to anyone that is looking for a clean start. Thank you! -- Jose


Dear Mr. Burrows, I just wanted to write you a quick note letting you know that I just received your letter in the mail, and I wanted to tell you that YOU SIR ARE AWESOME!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I can't believe how easy you made this process. Thank you! -- Alfredo.


RON! MY HERO! I cannot thank you enough!! I'm assuming you got (or will get on Monday) my totally emotional voice message from this morning! SLAM DUNK! You are THE BEST!! Got my expungement TODAY! AMAZING! -- Gratefully Kern County


I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me with the expungement. There are many lawyers out there attempting to devalue what you do for people and they are the biggest crooks in the world.

Anyone wanting to use your service should ask themselves one thing, what were the lawyers doing when they were convicted? In my case the lawyer did nothing except try to talk me into taking a plea bargin. Even though he knew I was completely innocent. Why? perhaps it was easier for him to keep more of my money instead of earning it by doing a little extra work to expose a lie. The way I see it, there are very few lawyers with real empathy beyond their profit margins. $500 or more is too much to pay a lawyer filing papers. Thank you for doing it for a lot less with the same results. -- Phillip


I wanted to take this opportunity to talk to you about a wonderful organization. I had been living on the wilder side of life pretty much all of my life. Over the last 25 years I collected several convictions and spent over 21 years of my life in prison. So here I am 25 years later, deciding to finally grow-up and get my life together, but I had 4 felonies and several misdemeanors hanging over my head and keeping me from getting the job I wanted. I had gone back to school to re-educate myself and received several degrees but it seemed that every job I applied for that had a great future all seemed to ask the question of death, "Have you ever convicted of a felony?"

I had gone to several agencies that claim to clear your record in just one or two easy steps, but there was always some kind of catch and it was always going to take longer than they said, not to mention the thousands of dollars they neglected to tell you it was going to cost. Then I met Ron from "Criminal History Cleaners." He did all the prep work, he filed all the paperwork, sent me copies of everything, and when I was feeling down and thinking what the hell am I even doing any of this I will always be a convicted felon. He assured me that I had rights and that I had made great strides to change and the courts should recognize that. So he prepared me for court so well that when I went before the judge, he granted me a "Letter of Rehabilitation" for all my felonies, "Expunged" all my misdemeanors and completed my "Letter for Pardon" so that I get all my rights back as a citizen of the United States, Oh did I mention that I got all of this outstanding attorney work for a considerable amount less than all those other agencies wanted to charge me.

If you are reading this and are still not sure what agency to go with, just let me say that I owe my life to Ron and all his staff at Criminal History Cleaners and I whole-heartedly recommend you put your life in their hands. Thank you Ron, -- Terry, Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor


It's been a long time and a lot of work to get my record expunged and I just want to take a minute to thank you for all your help with this matter. Next to my son's birth, this was one of the most important days of my life. You helped me put my past behind me and get closure to a time in my life that had haunted me for ten years. Your extensive knowledge of the different counties judicial processes made me feel confident that I had hired the right company to help me with this life changing process.

Thank you for your vigilance, your wisdom and your words of encouragement when the road got tough. I would recommend this service to anyone that is thinking of clearing their past up. Criminal History Cleaners will compile any information that is required to provide you with best chance for success in your expungement process. CHC will file your paperwork and walk you through any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you for helping me change my life! -- Richard, Simi Valley, CA


I just wanted to write and thank Ron Burrows and his office for the wonderful work they have provided for me. In 1998 I had a conviction for domestic violence. This has been a blight on my record from day one. I contacted an attorney in Reno Nevada, on October 1 2008 to have my record sealed. This attorney charged me $2000.00 up front. After several months and several non returned phone calls I had no option but to contact the Nevada State Bar in December of 2009. (Notice this was 14 months after my first contact with this attorney). I did get $1600.00 returned after my complaint was filed. Then in January of 2010 my Wife found the web site "Criminal History Cleaners".

I started the process with Ron in early February 2010 and Ron charged $199.00. By March 22, 2010 the Judge had signed the paper work and by the end of April 2010 I expect all agencies involved with the records to have them sealed. As I write this today, April 02, 2010 I am signing the final papers to be sent to the respective agencies for my records to be sealed. I know this is a long testimonial, but I wanted to share my VERY POSITIVE experience about Ron and Criminal History Cleaners. -- Sincerely, Robert