Criminal History Cleaners offers a vast array of affordable legal document preparation services that are tailored to help you deal with any problem associated with cleaning up your criminal history in order to help you move forward with your life without having to deal with the lasting stigma of a criminal conviction.

Unlike others, we don’t want to hurt you with our fees. We want to help you overcome the obstacles that you face on your road to personal recovery by providing you with affordable solutions to your record clearance needs.

We provide legal document preparation services for the following:

Never worry again about background checks bringing up past convictions. Fill out employment applications without fear. Obtain State Licensure, Student Loans, Housing Assistance without problems. Isn't’t it about time you had closure on your past mistakes?


Just fill out the application form and submit your application. You can make your payment right now with any major credit card or Paypal or one of our staff will follow up with you to help answer your questions and help you complete the process. If you have Court documents in your possession, you can fax or email them to our office which allows us to expedite your document preparation and submission even faster.

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