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After years of research into the expungement and record sealing laws of the United States, the legal document preparation professionals here at Criminal History Cleaners (“CHC”) have refined the timely and costly legal process of removing prior convictions from your record and now, with the technological advances of the internet, we can help you remove your prior arrests or convictions in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost.

Criminal History Cleaners is dedicated to serving the public by providing a quality legal document service for an affordable price. We have been in business for over 15 years helping people overcome legal problems that have prevented them from obtaining better jobs and services that would normally be available to them if not for their past mistakes.

We have streamlined our service to minimize the costs associated with expungement practices and now pass those savings on directly to you, the consumer.

Other legal services are upset with us because we refuse to raise our prices and attempt smear campaigns to scare you into paying more money for their service. I guess I would too if I was trying to charge $500 to $1500 dollars for the same expungement service we offer for a few hundred.

Our company was built on the principles of providing a quality legal document preparation service for a reasonable price.


Just fill out the application form and submit your application. You can make your payment right now with any major credit card or Paypal or one of our staff will follow up with you to help answer your questions and help you complete the process. If you have Court documents in your possession, you can fax or email them to our office which allows us to expedite your document preparation and submission even faster.

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